Redeem Your PURIUM Gift Card By Becoming A Member

The PURIUM gift card marketing is a unique sampling program one will ever see, just let them grab $50 gift card and they will pay a $50 bill for you every time you redeem a card for transformation. Let the online marketing system do the business for you.

Choose your own gift card as your personalized marketing license plate, share the code at the back of the card through text, social media or email, you can also give the plastic card as a gift to your loved ones if you want to, every time a transformation is redeemed from the gift card, you will get $50, simple as that.

Here Is How To Become A Member Of PURIUM And Enjoy Online Marketing:

  • Get on to a computer system with good speed internet connection.
  • Open tour web browser.
  • Go to for the registration phenomenon.
  • Homepage will open look at the right of the page you will see a form.
  • Give your first name in the first column.
  • Give your last name in the next column. Try to give your complete and real name despite giving any nickname.
  • Give your email address that can be helpful in shipping purpose and try to give the one that can be accessed every time you want to.
  • Type in the postal or Zip code of the area you are living in, double check it before typing.
  • Grab your gift card, turn its back side, a code will be written at its back, type the code in the last column and make sure it’s correct.
  • Click on to the “Continue” button that will take you to the homepage of the website, you are a member of PURIUM, congratulations.

The plus point is that if the gift card is redeemed for Enrollment Pack, you will get even more than $50. Enjoy online marketing with PURIUM.

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