Access My Prize Status To Check The Status

My Prize status is a website intended for those who have serviced their autos from one of the dealers and got an invitation with a code that can be used to get a prize or to check the status of a prize offered to them.

While making a good deal during business, The Auto dealers to maintain a good relationship with the customer and in another way to enhance their market in the world give rewards to make their customers happy; this is the website to know the current condition of your Prize by the Auto Dealers.

Services Offered By My Prize Status

This promotion is having an important role in the business between auto dealers and customers as it confirms the prize delivery and status. This useful website is managed by the DealerApps who specialize in an effective and easily operated way along with the advertisement solutions on which the Auto Dealers can be relied on too.

DealerApps Offers The Following Types Of Advertising:

  • Prize Center Hotlines.
  • TV Commercials (infomercials from mostly the Sunday morning)
  • Magazines

How To Check The Status Of Your Prize With My Prize Status:

  • Get near to your computer, laptop, mobile or any equipment you use for the internet browsing.
  • Now get your equipment connected to an internet connection that is secured, reliable and fast in the speed while working.
  • Open the web browser you like and that works well with your internet speed.
  • Go to this link:
  • Scroll down to the end of the page to the form.
  • In the first field that demands your code, enter the code you have from the auto dealer.
  • Now enter the Zip code of the area you are living in and press continue.

That page will show you each and every detail of your prize, what is the prize, when did it come and all the information that is good to know. In case you do not find the prize or any other problem, you can directly call the auto dealer or meet him.

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