Create MyPrepaidBalance Account To Check Your Balance Online

Well, now a day we all use different kind of credit and debit cards of different banks. These cards are more than useful because of the many perks they offer to individuals as well as businesses. We can make different payments by using these cards.

These cards are very safe and an easy to carry instead of carrying cash with you. MyPrepaidBalance is also one of such cards that offer you the many benefits. This card also allows you to check your balance online, but for this, you need to have an account activated.


  • You need to have a computer with an internet connection.
  • You need to have a prepaid card and its password/code.

How To Create An Online MyPrepaidBalance Account?

  • Click the link
  • First of all you need to create your online account so you can avail this facility.
  • If you already had an account, you just need to sign in with your details and continue. If you are using it for the very first time you need to just sign.
  • Enter “Create an Account” button to start the registration process as a new user.
  • On the next appeared screen you will be asked to enter an email address. The same email address will also be your username.
  • Enter and re-enter our password to confirm and continue the process.
  • At the next step you will be asked two security questions. You need to answer the questions as asked.
  • After entering the security questions you need to enter the blue button which is marked as “Next”.
  • After confirmation of your username and the password you will be required to add your prepaid card information to this account to enjoy this facility.
  • After this you have to continue the remaining registration process by completing your profile.

You should enter a valid email address and contact information such as your phone number to continue with the process. After completing this process, you will be able to enjoy given facilities, when and where you want to. I hope you would have found this guide interesting.

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