Access Assurant To File A Claim For T-Mobile Phone

Assurant is an American insurance company that provides a number of insurance related services, claiming of phones and other products as well. Filing a claim has never been this easy before, you don’t have to wait extra for your claim be responded as you can know its status as well as can file it as well on the online website of the company.

You will have to provide a bit of information that is mandatory to file it and you can go through it after that. Here is what you will need for this process:

  • Make sure of using a working, fast speed and a constantly running internet connection.
  • Connect it to a computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet now.
  • You will need a mobile number or serial number to file your claim as well.

How You Can File A Claim For Your T-Mobile Phone On Assurant:

  • Check the connectivity and open your internet browser.
  • Now, go to the official website of the company and access the phone claim page, which can also be accessed using this link:
  • Now, once the page is fully loaded, look for a table that is the file or track a claim table in the top right corner of this page you just opened.
  • In the first field, select if you want to use the mobile number or a serial number to file the claim.
  • In the field below it, provide the mobile number if you have selected the mobile option or a serial number of you have chosen to go with it in the field above.
  • Check the box below it now to provide the captcha carefully to ensure you are a human.
  • Click on the pink “Submit” button now and you will be taken down to the next page now, where, by providing a little more info you can file your claim.

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