Login To Nelnet Business Solution Get Amazing Services

Nelnet is an American company that provides the repayment of student loans, administration, and many other educational, financial services for the students.  It opened its doors way back in the year Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.

Their headquarter is currently held in the Lincoln, Nebraska, the United States through which, it operates all of its services throughout the United States. It has provided the loans related services to over $25 billion students as of 2007.

How You Can Login To Nelnet Business Get Amazing Services

You can now login into the company’s website to get able to receive some very useful services provided by the company; these are the services that you can get:

  • You can get to view your account balance, plus the payments as well.
  • You can also update your banking or the credit card information as well.
  • You can update your address and the phone number and the other related information as well.

Here Is How To Login Now:

  • Connect your computer with the internet connection first of all.
  • Open your web browser to go to this link: www.mypaymentplan.com that will take you to the portal for login.
  • Provide your username and the password in the first and the second field on the page respectively now.
  • Click the light blue “Log in” button under these fields, and you are in to get the services.
  • If you don’t have the account, you need to create one, click the blue “Account Setup” button for that purpose.
  • Provide your FACTS/NBS Agreement Number in the first field.
  • Access Code in the field next to it.
  • Type in the Institution Identification after that.
  • Now, create a username.
  • Choose a strong password and confirm this password by retyping it in the last field on the page.

Click the blue “Submit” button and get registered. Go back to the login page and make the above-mentioned process.

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