Login To Panera Bread People Portal For Benefit

Panera Bread was founded in the year 1987, 30 years ago, in the Kirkwood, Missouri, US. It is an American fast casual and a bakery type chain of the restaurants that have been providing the wide range of the products in the United States.

The company also provides the services in the Canada as well, I has been operated through the headquarter based in the Sunset Hills, Missouri, U.S.

Guideline To Login To Panera Bread People Portal For Benefit

  • To start the process, you have to go to the official website of the company and then you have to access its login portal page.
  • You can do this all by yourself by searching it over the internet and then go to it, or you can also get this link into consideration: www.mypanerabenefits.com
  • Once you have opened this page completely, there are two options for the login.
  • Now, to proceed, you must know your username and the password, if you have forgotten them, here is how to recover:
    • To recover the username:
      • Click on the orange “Forgot Username” link at the right side of the page.
      • Select your company in the first field first of all.
      • Type the HR employee number in the field next to it now.
      • Enter the Last 4 Digits of National Identifier (SSN or SIN) in the field below it now.
      • Type your date of the birth after that now in the field below it.
      • Click on the white “Retrieve User ID” button and get it back.
    • If you have lost the password as well, click on the “Forgot Username” and similarly get it back as well.
  • If you are yet to be registered, click on the orange “First Time User” button and create it.
  • After the account is created, click on the orange “People Portal” option now.
    • Enter the username and the password in the two fields.
    • Click on the orange “Login” button.

You will log in, you can avail the services now.

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