Access HS Brands Shopper & Client Login Portal

HS Brands is an American company that provides a lot of innovative answers to the business-related challenges along with the solutions to the business problems as well.

It was founded in the year 2006 by Thomas Mills Jr. and Michael Mershimer. It provides the integrity shopping and the data collection services as well to the customers based across the United States.

How You Can Access HS Brands Shopper & Client Login Portal

You can get a lot of services at the online website of the company, especially when you are a registered member on it. Here is the list of the solutions and the services that you can get:

  • You can get the mystery solutions from the website of the company.
  • You can get the loss prevention services as well.
  • And, you can also get the compliance auditing services as well.

You can get to login in many ways:

Field Agent/Shopper Login

  • Connect the computer with an internet connection and visit the official website of the company at this link:
  • Click on the blue “LOGIN PORTAL” button under the tag.
  • Now, choose the area and click on the “SHOPPER LOGIN” button.
  • On the next page now:
    • Type in the email address in the first field.
    • Provide the password in the next field.
    • Click onto the blue “GO” button and get logged in.

Client Login

  • On the homepage, click onto the “LOGIN PORTAL” button in the green image under the Client Login tag now.
  • Choose the area and then click onto the blue “Client Login” button.
  • Now, type in the client name in the first field on the next page.
  • Provide the manager login name in the next field now.
  • Type in the password in the next field.
  • Click on the blue “GO” button at the end of the page and get logged in to get the services.

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