Get Access To My Medical Payments Online

Medical payment is the company that provides all the necessary medical facilities to you. Their physicians can get close to the patient and their families whenever it needs to be.

Undoubtedly everyone wants to enjoy life as easy as sitting at home and getting the facilities they want by just grabbing a phone or from their personal computers. Now you can get the medical facilities using myMedicalPayments online. If you have visited any physician at the hospital or any clinic, and you have to make payments online, you can use myMedicalPayments and do this with some easy simple and very short steps by providing the patient’s account number and date of birth, and that too in the company’s guarantee that these payments will be under secure management. You can take account of your account balance, the credit that is used and the one that is remaining. You can be able to pay bills for your health insurance by providing your credentials of the insurance. Along with all this, if you have changed your location by migrating to any other city in the country you can also be able to change your billing address from previous to the current one.

How To Access My Medical Payments Online:

  • Go to this link:
  • In the middle of the page, you will see a form, type in the patient’s account number I the first field. The account number can be viewed from the prescription script you have; it can be on the top right of the bill or at the end.
  • Verify the identity; you can choose the patient’s date of birth, last four digits of patients SSN or patient’s phone number.
  • Provide the one you have chosen from the above list.
  • Check the box so that you agree to the terms and conditions of the company, and click on “Sign In”.

You will be lead to the homepage of the website. You are registered now and can make payments online. Enjoy.

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