Get Started With My Life Touch Portal Online

My Life Touch is an online portal where you will be able to organize and save your memories. You can shop your favorite picture by giving the portrait or my picture day id. You picture day id is unique school id and you have to order it prior to the picture day. The portrait id or access code is unique id of the student and you are required to order after the picture day. It is mandatory to add a hyphen in the portrait id when you are adding it to the website. In order to get the detailed directions, you have to follow the below-listed guides.

What Are The Entire Steps To Organize Your Memorize With My Life Touch?

  1. In the initial point of the procedure, you are requested to go any web browser and then insert the link into the navigation bar of that browser.
  2. As you add the link into the browser then you will get a page and you will be asked to type your Picture day Id or Portrait Id into the given box.
  3. You will be able to get your picture id from the order form and your portrait id from your proof envelope or sheet.
  4. After that, you are required to enter the first name of the student.
  5. In the next step, you are requested to hit on the option of “Shop now”.
  6. When you click on this tab then you have to give other details including your address, email, and phone and then create username and password and will be able to get your get your picture.

What Is The Process To Find My Picture Day?

In the first step for finding my picture day, you are requested to clack on the option of “Find Your Picture Day”. When the new page opens then you have to pick the type of school program. After that, you are supposed to select the province or state of the school, school city name, and name of the school. Click on the tab of “Search” and then proceed to the next step of the process and then pick up your school from given options.

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