Activate MyLifetime On Your Device

Lifetime is an American satellite television as well as the cable channel entertaining the viewers since February 1, 1984; 33 years ago, when it was launched. It is provided by the Lifetime Entertainment Services and is one part of it as well.

The company itself is the subsidiary of the A+E Networks. It has been headquartered in the New York City, New York from where it provides the services in all parts of the United States.

Guideline To Activate MyLifetime On Your Device

  • To start this process, and if you are in a hurry, make sure that you have a fast speed internet connection that should not stop in the middle of the process and must be kept running during the process.
  • Open your internet browser after this and go to the official website of the company, you can use this link as well in order to get the one-click access:
  • Once the web page is completely open, there is a form on this page.
  • First of all, select the device you are using and want to activate in the first field on this form.
  • Click onto the device name.
  • After that, click onto the “Select your TV provider” field and select the provider from the list.
  • Click onto the provider, or, if you can’t find it from the list, click onto the “More Providers” button and select from there.
  • Now, you must have the activation code that appears on your TV device when you try to use it before activation, type that activation code in the field next to it now.

Now, click onto the blue “Continue” button, it will take you to the provider’s website, you can get to verify your account from there and then can end up activating your device as well.

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