Join Landmark Cinemas For The Guest Satisfaction Survey

Landmark Cinemas is a corporation that runs a chain of movie theaters that are operational every time of the month to keep the fans updated and entertained with their favorite movies. The Canadian Company is operating and running a total of 45 theaters based in all over the Western province of the Canada and some in the Ontario as well.

The first theater of the chain was found in the year 1965 and move on to expand in the area eventually. The head office of the company is based in the Calgary, Alberta.

Services Offered On The Landmark Cinemas Website

The company that is as active as ever, is the company that runs chains of theaters that supports good technology and quality screens, plus the audio systems and rooms that makes the atmosphere brilliant. Some of the services that can be taken from the online website are mentioned here:

  • You can get to find the theater near your home from the website.
  • You can get to see the latest movies and the timings of their show at the cinema as well.
  • You can get to create an account on the website and can get tickets online as well.

How To Give The Guest Satisfaction Survey On The Landmark Cinemas:

  • Make a Secure and reliable internet connection with your computer or a laptop that must be running at a fast speed as well.
  • Open your web browser and follow this link:
  • Select the province of your residence in the first field on this page.
  • On the field, a right to it, select the theater as well.
  • Now click the white “Start” button at the end of the page to move onto the next page.
  • Now click on the white “Begin Survey” on this page.
  • Now, you will have to provide the date of your visit and click the white “Submit” button and give the answers to some questions that are asked there.

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