Manage Your ADP Retirement Plan Online

ADP offers online retirement management software which helps users to handle their retirement plan online. It’s must that your company’s retirement plan must be handled by ADP and you have joined your company’s retirement plan to avail this facility.

When you log in to your profile you can change password, User ID, PIN and can view and manage your retirement plan and can also do all type of banking transactions. You can also see funds and description in company’s retirement plan


  • You need a computer with internet and a browser installed.
  • You must have to join retirement plan offered by your company.
  • Company’s retirement plan must be handled by ADP.

Guideline To Manage Your ADP Retirement Plan Online:

  • Go to your machine with working internet connection on it and turn it on. now go to your browser and enter Press go or press enter key on key board.
  • A page will appear with terms and condition on it. Read them all carefully one by one
  • At the end of the page there will be two options I agree and I disagree. Press I agree to continue.
  • A new page will be appear with two fields “enter your user id” and “enter your password”.
  • Now if you are here for the first time you will have to enter your social security id as a user name and your Personal Identification number as your password and press login. If you have no information that is mentioned you can simply press register now
  • If you clicked register now it will take you to a new window where you have to enter your registration number if you have not any number you can still press continue. A new page appear which will ask you to enter your first name, last name, your social security number and date to get a password.
  • Now you can go to login page and enter these details there i-e your SSN (social security number) and PIN (Personal Identification number) and press login.
  • After login you can change your user name and password there. Now you can select desired retirement plan from there.
  • And you can also manage your retirement plan form there.

 What If You Forget Your Login Information?

If you forgot your user ID, You do not have to worry. Just click on the option “Forgot your User ID” it will show you a window on new page where you have to enter your social security number and your date of birth and click continue. You will be given your user ID after that.

If you forgot your password just click on forgot your password below enter password slot after taking few information you will be given option to reset your password.

What If You Try To Enter Wrong Information To Login?

If you enter wrong information your account will be locked for a period after that you can enter your correct information and login.

About ADP:

ADP (automatic data processing) is human recourse corporation which is well developed in computer and business requirements. ADP is human capital management solution provider. Their main target is to take a strategic business advantage based on human resource.

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