Ghana News Online Radio

Ghana News is online news service that provides latest update about current affairs, business, politics, sports , TV and entertainment. You can just visit this website to enjoy videos, audios and online radio service. You are just required high speed internet to watch HD videos anytime. Watch videos on demand, audio on demand and your favorite radio channel. Here you can find how can you enjoy your favorite radio program.

How To Access Ghana News Online Radio?

  • Access this link to listen Radio Online.
  • On access this webpage you have to scroll down that page see the title “Media” where you can see the option “Online Radio”.
  • Click on the option
  • You will be navigated to the next page where you can see different radio channel options. If you want to listen the radio you should have Window media player for Windows operating system and TuneIn App for Mac operating system.
  • Click on the play icon and enjoy your favorite programs live on Radio.

If you want to join its social contacts to get latest updates then you can join this new service at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn. You can visit this website you get all breaking news, celebration, current news, promotions and My Joy Market. If want to watch your favorite TV shows then you can watch Live TV easily. Enjoy free online games and social channel news feeds on the website. You can also find HD photo gallery of latest events and celebrations.

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