Login To Hanover Policy To File Claim For Property Loss

Hanover understands that loss of property causes many disruption and increase stress in your life. Ensuring that your claims experience go smoothly is our priority. Hanover helps you to understand the process of claims and what to expect if you should find yourself in the need of such services. Once you have filed claim, adjuster will be allocated to manage details and assist you to go through process of claim. You will get a copy of statement to estimate the loss which will explain cost of replacement and assist you to recover your amount

Guideline To Login To Hanover Policy To File Claim For Property Loss:

  • First of all you are required to turn your system on and open internet browser which you are using these days.
  • Add this URL address www.myhanoverpolicy.com into search bar of browser and click on button of “GO” to proceed further.
  • Once you have accessed the website you need to click on link of “Claim Services” located on top menu bar.
  • In next step you are required to click on link of “Property” located under the section of online web form.
  • Select type of Insurance from given available options according to your need.
  • Enter policy number in next marked blank
  • Add your complete name in next field of text.
  • Provide your complete address in next marked blanks along with name of city, state and zip code in given fields
  • In next phase you are supposed to provide contact information including name, primary phone number, secondary phone number and email address
  • Add your information of loss including date of loss, time of loss and name of department in marked empty blanks.
  • Enter location of loss along with damage information in given sections
  • Add your remarks, reported dates and upload any attachment and click on button of “Submit” to finish the whole process.

What Is The Term Recoverable Depreciation?

Depreciation is about decrease in value of property due to usage or wear and tear. In most of the cases depreciation may not be listed on estimates of “Recoverable depreciation” Recoverable depreciation is about a provision that is made for you in order to collect value of depreciation after completion of repair.

What Do One Do If His Contractor Finds More Damage?

In additional loss or damage, you need to contact the adjuster and adjuster may inquire for a copy of estimate which will show additional damages to be recovered.

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