Open A New GoodToGo Account Online

Good to Go! Is the online portal from the WSDOT, which is the Washington state Department of the Transportation, handling the transport services through the State. It was formed back on September 27, 1977.

The current headquarter is based in 310 Maple Park Avenue SE, Olympia, Washington.

How To Open A New GoodToGo Account Online

You will get some services like paying the taxes online when you will have an account, here are how you can create an online account:

  • Visit the login portal of the authority first of all.
  • This link will get you to the portal as well:
  • Once it I completely loaded, click the purple “Open a New Account” button now.
  • Read the instructions, click on the purple “Begin” link now at the bottom.
  • Click on the green “Yes I would like to Begin” button now.
  • Read the instructions again after selecting the account type and scroll down to the end and click on the green “Next” link now.
  • Now, read the terms and conditions and click on the green “By clicking this you agree to the terms listed above” link at the bottom.
  • Type in the first, middle and the last name in the initial fields.
  • Type in the company name now, type in the email address after that and verify it in the field next to it.
  • Choose a User ID, choose a password and verify it in the field below it.
  • Now, select the security questions and give their answer as well in the next few fields.
  • Provide the 4-digit PIN now.
  • Type in the promotion code and then select how did you hear about the service.
  • Click on the green “Next” link at the end of the page and provide the remaining info on the next few pages. That will get your account created in the end.

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