Access My Gift Card Manager Login

Gift cardholders can check their gift card activities and status via access this web service. Every cardholder can enter valid card details into the login from on the page to access the card account. By access this account service cardholder can check gift card transactions, expense and balance easily. Both gift card giver and recipient can access this account service easily. Here you can check how you can use this serve to manage your gift card online.

How To Access My Gift Card Manager Login?

  • Open this link to access this gift card account.
  • On the page see at the right hand side, where you have to enter login details to access your account.
  • Enter your card number, 3-digits from signature panel and last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • Click on the button “login” to access your card account.

Important Information To Know:

  • How Can You Check Gift Card Balance?

You can login to this account service by adding your gift card details or you can call at 866-586-4438 to customer service to ask for your gift card balance. You should have your gift card number to get this detail.

  • How Can You Add Money In Your Gift Card?

You should know that you have prepaid gift card, and you cannot reload amount to your card. To get new gift card you can visit gift card manager participating branch.

  • How Can You Activate Your Gift Card?

To activate your new gift card you can call at 866-586-4438.

  • Can You Use This Prepaid Gift Card For Online Purchases?

To use this gift card for online purchases you have to register your online account at MY Account website. After making online account you will be able to make purchases to online merchants easily.

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