Pay Child Support Program At Florida Remit Online is the website through which you can get access to the information about the services that relates with the state government. You can handle your financial transactions with the help of this electronic platform of commerce with convenience. The method is not only an easy one but also efficient regarding the cost involved in the other method for the financial transactions. You can use this way of transacting either via mail or at walk-in counter. One of the major services that the website provides is to pay traffic citations. Moreover, you can pay for the child support through electronic check. To get the service, you have to create an account after which you will able view payments easily and pay online. The payment is verified by sending you a notification and you are also able to track any payment whenever you want.

Guideline To Pay Child Support Program At Florida Remit Online:

You need to follow few simple steps to create an account and then enjoy the service of paying for child support through this online platform.

  • The first step is to open the website that is that will open the home page for you.
  • Here you can see the “Pay Child Support” tab under which “Pay Now” is present. You can press that button pay for that.
  • Before that, you need to register, therefore, another page will open where option of “Create Account” can be found. Click on that button.
  • Now on the next page, a form will be opened in which you are required to provide your personal information like your name, email address along with a username and password you are looking to set for the account.
  • Also enter your billing information including account name, account number and give your address and zip code as well.
  • Provide all the information completely and at the end, before clicking on the “Continue” button, click on the box that says “I agree to MyFloridaRemit”.
  • Your process of registration will be finished and you could enjoy the service to pay for the child support.

How The Child Support Can Be Obtained For My Children?

You can get child support through an Administrative Order or a Judicial Court Order. You may either contact a private attorney or Child Support Enforcement Office.

What Should I Do In Case I Do Not Get The Payment?

Court’s Office Clerk should be contacted who would file the judgment against the parent involved in delinquency.

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