Make Payments Online At My Florida Country

MY Florida Country is letting you to make online payments. In order to make payments online you do not require any account or should be a register member. You just have to provide some information about your case, location and branch code and you will be allowed to make payment. This process is quite simple and smooth for more details follow given below instructions

Detailed Instructions To Make Payments Online At My Florida Country:

  • You are required to turn your personal computer on and open up the internet browser which you are using now a days
  • Once you have opened the web browser in next step what you are required to do is enter the official URL link of website which is
  • Now click on button of “Go” or you can press the Enter button through your keyboard
  • Once you have accessed the website in next step you are required to click on tab of “Child Support” which is located on the top menu bar positioned on the home page of website
  • This click will bring a new window where you are supposed to click on option of “MAKE PAYMENTS” located at the right corner of web page
  • There you need to select your case from available options of Depository number of uniform case number.
  • Choose any one let’s say you have selected the option of uniform case number by hitting the relevant radio button.
  • A drop down list will be appeared where you are required to give some appropriate answers
  • Enter the name of your country through drop down list
  • Enter the year and select the court type in next field
  • Provide the sequence number in marked field
  • Similarly you are required to provide the defiant identifier and branch location in marked fields and click on button of Add case
  • Now you have to follow on screen instructions to complete the whole process

 What Are The Benefits After Signing In To My Florida Country Account Online?

One can perform or avail couple of services after creating an account on website

  • Receive moment confirmation that your installment was effectively submitted.
  • Pay with Visa or platinum card.
  • Track your installment after some time.
  • Create a record to effortlessly see past installments.
  • Avoid the bother of sending checks every month and pay on the web.

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