Access The Graham Group, LLC To Submit Your Status Request

The Graham Group is a corporation that helps people recover their assets that belonged to them and they have their claim on it. If you have any property you are sure you owned it, but do not have any registry claim on it with you and cannot fight for it in the court, the company will help you by going into the depth of your case and will find a right heir for it, if you are the one and the research proves it, you will get your property registered in your name.

 Service Provided By The Graham Group

The company who helps a common man fight for what is his/her right is a Private Investigation agency that is licensed by the State of Florida Government. If you have your money in the custody of any company, the company is required by the law to return you your money, if they can’t, the money is given to the State of Florida, if the company tries to reach you but fails, the money is given to the government as an unclaimed property. The Graham Groups help you find your assets, check they are owed to you, and then help you claim it back.

How To Submit Your Status At The Graham Group, LLC:

  • Get your computer connected to the internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Now at the bottom left, click on the orange “Click Here” button.
  • Type in your full name in the first field and press Tab.
  • Now type in your reference number.
  • Provide your email address then.
  • Now type “1234” to ensure that you are a human being for security criteria.

Now, clicking the “submit my request” button, will submit your request, and you will get to know your status in almost 2 weeks of the mailing. The Company will feel more than honored to help you. Hopefully, the guide will help you claim what yours is.

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