Activate Walmart Family Mobile Online

Family Mobile is a brand offered by the Walmart and is powered by the T-Mobile, with the association of the company, you can get an amazing number of services through the brand, which includes:

  • You can get to shop some mobile phones from the online brand of the company.
  • You can also get to find the stores of the company from the online website.
  • You can activate your phone from this website as well.

How You Can Activate Walmart Family Mobile Online

Here is how you can activate the phone:

  • First of all, make a good speed internet connection with your computer or a laptop.
  • Open your internet browser now and go to the official website of the company.
  • Go to the Family Mobile brand option now; this is the link to go to this page now:
  • Now, wait for the page to be completely open, once it is, if you don’t have any family mobile phone, click the blue “Next” button.
  • You will be taken to the next page now, on this page, select the number of phones you want to activate.
  • Now, select the phone you want to add into the family from the list by clicking on the phone.
  • On the next page now:
    • Provide the first name of the person who is activating the phone in the first field.
    • Type in the last name in the second field.
    • Type in the SIM number in the next field.
    • Provide your activation code in a field next to it now.
    • Type in the IMEI (phone serial number) in the last field now.
    • Choose if you want to get a new number or want to transfer the existing number.

Click the blue “Next” button now and provide all the other demanded info on the next page that is necessary to activate your mobile phone.

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