Access My ExamOne And Check Your Health Status Online

The health care costs are creeping up too fast these days and it is becoming very difficult for the people to lead healthier lifestyles in an appropriate manner. The My ExamOne has introduced an online platform where they are providing services to help people increase their awareness regarding their current health status. Actually, they are helping the people to “know their numbers” in order to take the full control of their health, right from wherever they are.

How To Access My ExamOne And Check Your Health Status Online:

  • Visit
  • Click on the button “Register Here”.
  • Enter the barcode number that is available on the “important information brochure” on the sticker and hit the next button.
  • Now, they will email you for the results available, when they are available.
  • Follow the link that they have sent to your email address, and then log in with your username & password.
  • Now, read and accept their terms and conditions and proceed further to view your health results.

Once you complete the above process to view your health status online, they might ask you to participate in a short survey. If you wish, then you can also participate in their survey to help them improve their services. Remember, this will ultimately help you enjoy the best services because such surveys are conducted to know what the actual clients want from the service provider.

Note: The results are available for 12 months only. If you have any questions regarding obtaining the health results, then you can get in touch with your insurance agent or the company.

How This Program Works?

My ExamOne is conducting the laboratory tests as a part of one’s insurance exam. Within 7 to 14 days, you will have your laboratory results, subject to the participation of your insurance company in this program. After that, you need to register yourself at the My ExamOne, and then login to check your

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