Access Military Star Card Login

Military star card is designed for military persons and their families. It is credit card that is provided to meet the financial needs with exclusive benefits. You can use this card for your everyday purchases or to spend on your military lifestyle. By using this card for shopping needs cardholder can enjoy Military start card reward program:

How To Access Military Star Card Login?

  • Access this link to login into your card account.
  • As you will open this page see the login form at the left hand side of the page.
  • To access your account enter your UserID and Password into the respective boxes.
  • If you want to create your card account then you can click on the link “Register Here”.
  • The registration form will be opened, Enter your first name, MI and Last Name.
  • Enter your social security number next.
  • After that provide your correct date of birth and enter the security characters into the text box.
  • Click on the button “Next” and after that go for credentials step.
  • Choose the security questions and answers for your online account and after that confirm your account.

About Milatary Star Card Reward Program:

By using this credit card cardholders can win 2 points on spending $1 on shopping. You can use military start card at any shopping center as well as Army recreation centers, resorts, hotels, and On collecting 2000 points you can enjoy $20 reward. There is no annual fee/over limit fee with no back interest. You can enjoy very low ARP with lots of other benefits. This card offers 0% promotional interest, exclusive savings on your shopping, free shipping, 5 cent discount on pump stations and 10% off at food court. If you don’t have card then apply for card today and save 10% discount on your first day purchases.

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