Activate My Control Prepaid MasterCard

Card activation is an online service through which customers will be able to activate their card by going to the online portal. After receiving the card from the company then you are requested to activate it in order to avail the benefits associated with it.  You need to provide the necessary details profited on the back side of your card to start the online activation. The card activation is a simple and easy process and you need to utilize the underneath guides to activate your card.

What Are The Full Set Of Guides To Activate Your Prepaid MasterCard?

  1. In order to start the card activation procedure, you will be requested to launch a web browser in your system and then go to the address bar in order to insert the given link
  2. When you will reach the home page of the website then you will be asked to go at the top of the page and then hit on the option of “Activate your card”. You can also get this option at the bottom of the page.
  3. When you clack on the specified activation link then you will be able to get a new window.
  4. You are supposed to enter the card number from the back side of your card.
  5. After that, you will be requested to type the security code or CVC2 number into the given space.
  6. After adding both of the details then you will need to hit o the option of “Continue” and get your card activated.

What Is The Process To Order A Card Online?

If you don’t have the card then you need to click on the link of “Order a card”. You will be asked to type your first and last name into the given blanks. After that, you need to enter the street address along with the zip code. You need to type the email address and referral code and then pick up the payment option. Once you have given the details then you have to click on “Order your card” tab.

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