Join Bojangles’ Guest Experience Survey

Bonjangles’ is an American company based in the Southeastern region that is running a long chain comprising of some fast food restaurants in the country. To be precise, it is running the chains in the Charlotte, North Carolina basically, which is where they’re to headquarter is as well.

It opened its first ever restaurant in the year 1977 and was opened to the vision and idea of Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. It has been managing and owning more than 600 locations across the country.

Services Provided By The Company:

  • You can get the Fast food, including fried chicken and many kinds of other related products as well.
  • The restaurant their customers with the biscuits as well.
  • You can get the French fries, which are also known as the seasoned fries as well from the restaurants.
  • You can get many kinds of the family meals, bowls and many kinds of the sandwiches as well from the restaurants.
  • Apart from all this, salads, drinks, and the sweets are also available at the restaurants.

How You Can Join Bojangles’ Online Survey

To take the survey, you should be well aware of the official website that is run by the company.

  • Find this website and go to it and then access its survey offering page.
  • This is the link to help in case you are unable to reach this page:
  • On this page, there is a form to be filled, but to fill it, you need a receipt of the restaurant.
  • Have it? Take it out and look for the number written at the top of it by the name of “Store” in the first blank field on the page.
  • Provide the date and then the time of your visit to the restaurant after that.
  • Type the check number now in the last field.
  • Click “Start” button in the red and provide the answers to the questions on the next page.

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