Enroll With 1st Choice Bankruptcy Courses

First Choice Counselling and Education is providing an opportunity which will allow you to get online assistance regarding education and financial circumstances. The total fee for pre filing credit counseling is more over thirty two dollar and twenty five dollar for financial education if you have enrolled online. The course of credit counseling is offered online not in person or through phone whereas the personal financial course of management is offered by phone and online. Total cost of phone course is forty dollar, the price is same for all married and single person.

Detailed Guidelines To Enroll With 1st Choice Bankruptcy Courses:

  • To start the process of enrollment you are supposed to turn your personal computer on and open up the internet browser
  • Once you have opened the browser you are required to input this Address of website www.mybknow.com into search bar of browser
  • Now press Enter button from your keyboard to access the home window of website.
  • After accessing the home website you are required to click on option of “Customers”
  • a new window will be appeared where you are supposed to click on link of “Register” located under the section of “Customer”
  • Now you are supposed to provide personal details in given fields. You are required to provide your first, middle and last name in marked blanks.
  • Moreover you are supposed to enter other details in marked blanks including address, name of state, city, zip code, last four digits of SSN, email address, fax details and phone number.
  • Once you have added these details then you have to enter other information about spouse and attorney.
  • In next step you have to enter information about account including username and password in given blanks
  • You have to add your favorite color and favorite animal in next marked blanks.
  • Click the check boxes to assure that you have no objection with additional services and you want to avail them.
  • At the end you have to click on button of “Submit Entry”

How Long Are The Duration Of Courses?

The duration of courses are timed to go with department of justice of requirements so that anyone can spend one hour studying & completing the material in the course 1 and two hours studying and completing material in course 2.

When Does One Become Able To Take Second Course?

No one can’t take second course until after the bankruptcy case has been filed.

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