Activate Mitie Payslips Online

MITIE is a British company that provides the strategic outsourcing as well as many kinds of the energy services to the citizens as well. The company is known to have settled up in the year 1987, and the headquarter that had played a huge role in its success till now is known to be based in the Bristol, UK.

The company also provides the infrastructure consultancy, property management, facilities management, energy and the health care services as well.

How You Can Activate Mitie Payslips Online:

  • Go to this web portal link Firstly:
  • There is a login form that you have to fill:
    • Enter the employee number in the very first field you are seeing on this form now.
    • Type the email address after that in the field that lies below it.
    • Type the password associated with this account in the third field now.
      • If you have lost the password, click on the purple “Forgot Password?” link now.
      • Enter the email address in the very first field now.
      • Type the employee number in the field that comes after that.
      • Type your National Insurance number in the last field now and click on the purple “Submit” button and get the password back.
    • Enter it in the last field and click on the purple “Submit” button to get logged in.
  • If you want to activate your account, click on the purple “Activate Account” button.
    • Type your employee number in the first field now.
    • Enter the National Insurance number in the second field now.
    • Select a strong password for this account after that now and then re-enter this password to verify it in the next two fields.
    • Enter your email address now in the field below it.
    • Retype this email address in the field below it to confirm it now.
    • Type your activation code in the last field now.
  • Click on the purple “Submit” button and activate your account.

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