Access Mint And Create A Budget Online

Mint is a company that helps to manage web-based financial services personally. The company is known to be providing services in the United States and Canada. Aaron Patzer founded Mint to provide account aggregation initial with a deal with the Yodlee. Later on, the company moved to provide service by a deal with the Intuit for connecting to the accounts. A simple and single user interface service help the customers to get financial assistances from the website of the company.

According to a survey report, Mint has connected with over 16,000 US and /Canadian financial institutions and are known to be opening more than 17 million individual accounts.

Services offered by the Mint

As stated earlier, Mint has the simple user interface to help its customers search and get what they are looking for easily. Following are the services offered by the Mint:

  • Initially, it provided Account aggregation.
  • Later on dealt with Intuit for connecting the accounts.
  • Investment services.
  • Credit Card services.
  • Track bank services.
  • Transaction services.
  • Loan Balance services.

Apart from these, Mint also creates budgets and sets financial goals for their customers to get financial success.

How To Access Mint And Create A Budget Online

  • Get your computer connected with a reliable internet connection that do not disturb while in a process.
  • Open your web browser and go to this link:
  • Now at the top of the page, click on to the sign up free button.
  • Type in your Email in the first field.
  • Re-type your email to confirm it.
  • Provide your password and again re-type it to confirm it in the next field.
  • Check the box to avoid providing the details again and again.

Clicking on to the Sign up button will take you to the homepage from where you can access all the services as mentioned above. If you are stuck in middle of the sign up or any other process, you can call the company number anytime.

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