Sign In To Pay Traffic Ticket At Miami-Dade Clerk Of Courts

Paying off traffic ticket was considered as an irritating activity when this procedure was limited to forward citation by visiting in person or sends it by mail. In Miami-Dade County it’s have been made quite easy for people as they can pay off their traffic tickets online. This online procedure is simple and it is not going to take much time of client. For this purpose you can register yourself at website in order to avail this service.

Requirement To Pay Traffic Ticket:

Before registration you need to keep citation number in hand because it is required in the process of enrollment.

Guideline To Pay Traffic Tickets At Miami Dade Clerk Of Court:

  • First of all open your internet browser and insert official URL of website which is into address bar of browser to access home page of website.
  • In next step you have to find a tab which is labeled as “Advanced services” under that tab you will find another button which is marked as “Pay Citation” hit a click on it and you will be taken to another web page.
  • If you have visited the website before and you had an account then click on button of “Login” and input your user name and password in marked blanks and click on button of “Register”
  • You will get a registration form, fill that form completely by providing all required details.
  • Add your personal details in marked fields including your name, name of entity, email address but if you are getting registered for any business then add street address, zip code, phone number and name of state as well.
  • Mention that either your registration is individual or business. After this step you have to recheck all details which you have entered to confirm your details.
  • Once you have confirmed all information then click on button of “Next” to proceed further.
  • Follow rest of the instructions to finish the registration process, once this process is completed, the account which you have registered can be managed to pay off your tickets online.

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