Register LAWorks HiRE Account Online

LAWorks allows you to Register your account and get the online service to save your personal details, preferences as well as your account settings for future use. You will be able to post job orders after account creation. You can get the advanced search database as well as you can create automated candidate searches which are used to deliver resumes.  In order to register your LAWorks HiRE account then you have to first select the type of account and then complete the rest of the process by using the instructions.

What Are The Complete Steps To Register Your HiRE Account?

  • You have to go to the link of the website which is indicated at
  • In the next step after reaching the home page then you have to click on the link of “Online services”
  • When the new page opens then you have to click on the option of “Go to my HiRE account” located in the heading of “For employers”.
  • If you have already had an account then give your login details to access your account
  • If you do not have an account then click on “Register for your HiRE account” and then select the language of your choice
  • After that create your account by clicking on the option of “Employer”.
  • Hit the box of “Recruiting services” and then “snap on the tab of” Continue registration”.
  • You have to enter your employer identification as well as zip code and click on “Continue” and complete the rest of the procedure by going through the directions.

What Are The Identification Details To Register Your Account?

You have to enter your Federal Employer ID Number as your identification without dashes or spaces and reenter it in order to confirm it. You have to add the Unemployment Insurance Employer Account Number or EAN number without any spaces. You have to type the last seven digits of your EAN number and then enter it again for verification. When you add the details then you can create your account on the website by giving the other details.

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