Join La Madeleine Feedback Survey

La Madeleine guest satisfaction survey is presented by the company to get the reviews of customers about the services being offered. Users are welcomed to share their thoughts and ideas about the place. The customer can even inform the management about the good and bad points in their services so that improvement can be done in workings of La Madeleine. For taking part in the survey it is not necessary to have the purchasing receipt with you. You are only invited to give your comments regarding your visit. Join the survey by following the steps mentioned below.

Instructions To Join La Madeleine Feedback Survey:

  • Access the webpage by using the link given at
  • On opening the homepage you will see a welcome note and will be asked to give your feedback. Now you need to select that either you want to give comments about the specific position or about the whole café.
  • Click on the tab of “Start” to initiate the survey. If you want to give general comments about the whole café then select the kind of review which you want to give like complaint, suggestion, compliments or anything else.
  • Select your topic for comments like environment, service, product or some other thing.
  • Tell that you are more concerned about which topic and then narrate your experience in next box. You can describe your experience in detail and can also give the suggestions.
  • Select the option if you want a representative to contact you for the matter.
  • But if you are giving the comments for specific branch then select branch, state, and city from given options. Also, mention the date and time of visit.
  • Give your comments and pick the element which makes such an impact that you become willing for sharing your experience.
  • Again you can share your visit story in next box with all the suggestions and ideas.
  • Give the indication that you would like a representative to contact u for more feedback.

This time there is no promotional offer associated with the survey as its all about getting the customer’s reviews.

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