Manage Koodo Mobile SelfServe Online Account

In order to enjoy the services of the company, you need to create an online account by going to the web portal. You can register your account with Koodo Mobile SelfServe account to avail the services of the company. There are two ways to register and log in your account. You can log in as a monthly customer or you can enjoy the facility of online services as a prepaid customer. It is mandatory to have the valid email and phone number in order to start the registration process.

How To Manage Your Koodo Mobile SelfServe Online Account?

  1. In order to access the Koodo Mobile SelfServe website, you need to open up the given link
  2. There are two options to log into your account and you need to click on the option of “Monthly customer”.
  3. Here you will need to add the email address and password of your account.
  4. You can also hit on the box of “Remember me” in order to save your email for future use and then click on the “Log in” button.
  5. If you are new to the website then click on the blue “Register now” link located at the bottom of the login page.
  6. When the registration page opens when you need to keep the essential things with you and click on “Let’s do this” tab.
  7. You need to enter the full name, email, and password, pick up security questions and answer them.
  8. Click on the “Continue” tab to move to the other steps of the process.

How To Activate Your Phone As Prepaid Customer Of Koodo Mobile SelfServe?

If you are a prepaid customer then you need to click on the option of “Prepaid customer” located at the upper right corner of the login page. You will be requested to click on the option of “Activate your phone”. On the new page, you need to enter the nine digits SIM number and then set up your account by giving the personal details. Complete the other steps by going to the steps shown on your display.

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