Join Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kohl’s is an American chain of departmental stores that offers and serves a wide variety of the clothing, shoes, Jewelry and other such accessories. The company was established on September 12, 1962, 54 years ago from now in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Their base of operations is based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, U.S. regarding the retail stores, the company is ranked as the second largest department store in the United States. The company is running with the help of very skilled staff that helps them gain success by winning the trust and confidence of their customers.

Products Offered By The Kohl’s

The company is ranked amongst the greats in the United States due to its high-quality services and quality of the products that haven’t changed ever since it was established. The total revenue of the company as of 2014 was US$19,031.0 million. It is known to be providing the following services:

  • You can get many different categories of the furniture, bed, and kitchen accessories as well from the company.
  • You can get a long list of the clothing options for the kids, men, and women.
  • Apart from all this, you can get shoes, jewelry, and many other items as well.

How To Join Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • As obviously, the internet connection is needed and must be connected to your computer or a laptop.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link now:
  • You will have to provide a 4-Digit store number in the first field present on this page; you just opened via a link.
  • Provide the 16-digit access code in the next and the last field now.
  • Click the Black “Start” button at the end of this page now.
  • You will be lead to some questions being asked on the next few pages. You have to answer them according to your experience in the store. Submit the feedback to the company in the end.

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