Partake In My Burger King Experience Survey

Join My Burger King survey in order to give your positive as well as negative feedback about the company services and products. You have to take the survey simply by going to the official website and then give the details written on your receipt. When you give the details then you will get a number of questions related to the cleanliness, quality of food and behavior of the employees. After giving your response then you will get a validation code to win prizes.

What Are The Complete Instructions To Partake In My Burger King Survey?

  1. In the start of the survey, you have to insert the given link to join the survey.
  2. As the survey page opens then you have to read about the use of cookies and then agree with them by clicking on the tab of “Continue”.
  3. In the first space of the survey form, you will need to give the restaurant number printed on the front side of the receipt.
  4. You are supposed to designate the date of your visit along with the time of your visit to the restaurant.
  5. As you give all the details then hit on the blue color box which is indicated as “Start”.
  6. Now you are required to provide the responses of the each and every question mentioned in the questionnaire.
  7. At the end of the survey, you will be given a validation code and you have to note down this code in the box given on your invitation.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking The Survey?

  1. Your response and feedback can only be used to improve the satisfaction of the customers.
  2. If you give the response of all the survey questions on the basis of the screen instructions then you will be able to get a promotion coupon which you can use to get discount on your next visit.
  3. You only need to give your five minutes from busy routine and complete the survey online from the comfort of your home.

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