Login To Transcript On Demand Online

Transcript on Demand is an American website that offers one of the very relaxing things if you are a student, that is the requesting of the transcript from the online website. You can select your institution, provide the demanded credentials and get the transcript rather than going out to the school and get it.

How You Can Login To Transcript On Demand Online:

  • Start looking up for a link to the official website of the company which can be found when searching on the internet.
  • If you have found it, you can go to it, but if you don’t have it, click on this link simply: www.iwantmytranscript.com
  • On this page, there is a login form; you have to log in to get the transcript.
    • Select your institution in the first field.
    • Enter the email address of your account in the next blank box.
    • Type the password of your account in the field below it now.
    • Click on the green “login” button now and get logged in.
  • To create an account:
    • Select the institution you attended in the only field on the right side of the form and then click on the green “sign up” button now and get the account creating the form on the next page.
    • Enter the first name, middle name and then the last name in the first three fields now.
    • Provide the date of the birth, date of attendance, and then select your country.
    • Provide the phone number now.
    • Enter and then confirm the student ID.
    • Provide the SSN and then confirm it.
    • Choose a cell carrier, provide the cell number, and then confirm it.
  • In the account information form:
    • Enter the email address, confirm it.
    • Provide the password and then confirm it.
  • Provide your address, select the country and then the city.
  • Select the state and provide the zip code.

Click on the green “sign up” button and get your account for the transcript application.

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