Activate Your Prepaid Debit Payroll Card

Payroll Debit card is fast and convenient way to access your salaries. Now you can login to your online card account to manage your fund easily. You can make payments at grocery, shopping stores, resturants, pubs and other places via online account or using card. Now paying bill has become easy with payroll card. If you have recently received your card then before using it you have to activate your card to use it. Here you can find how can you activate your card.

How To Activate Your Prepaid Debit Payroll Card?

  • Access this link to activate your payroll card online.
  • On the page see the link “Activate your card” click on it.
  • Enter your card number into the text boxes present on the next page.
  • Click on the button “Submit”
  • After that create your card PIN by adding any four digits.
  • Repeat the same digits in next column and click on the button “Activate”.

Benefits Of Using PrePaid Debit Payroll Card:

  • By using this payroll card you will be able to shop with card everywhere like at shopping stores and online shopping services.
  • You can withdraw cash from any ATMs network.
  • You can also transfer amount to any of your personal, saving or checking account online.
  • You can also request for Paper check that you can receive via mail.

How To Login into Payroll Card Account?

If you want to manage you card transactions then you can login to your account without registration. Here you can find how you can login to your account.

  • You have to just enter your card number and access code.
  • Enter that button “Login”.
  • If you will enter valid information then you will get access to your card account.

If you want to use this card service via your mobile then you can download its mobile app from Google app store and iTunes Store

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