Join Interstate All Battery Center Customer Survey

Interstate is an Automotive Batteries provider system of the America that provides the item from the Johnson controls and many other independent distributors as well. The company was founded in the year 1952 and now have been controlling all their locations in many different countries of the World from Dallas, Texas, United States, via the Head Office.

The company has their distributors in the Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, Guatemala, Guyana, Dominican Republic, and Panama. They have been providing all their services to over 200,000 dealers based in the countries that are mentioned above.

Services Offered By The Interstate Batteries

The report of the year 2013 stated that the company has been running their locations worldwide with the help of 1,400 corporate employees. It was also stated that the company had collected a total revenue of US$1.5 billion. Here are some of the services offered by the company:

  • You can get many kinds of the Home Electronics from the company.
  • You can also get the Garage and Home Improvements from the company.
  • You can get many kinds of good for the work and office as well.
  • Lighting, Security, Health, Medical, Batteries, Vehicle Batteries and many other services can also be taken.

How To Join Interstate All Battery Center Customer Survey:

  • Open your web browser and make a visit to this link:
  • Type in the Store code in the first empty field.
  • Type in the Ticket as well.
  • Provide the Date of your visit as well.
  • Type in the register as well.
  • Type in your first name and the last name after that.
  • Provide your email address and re-type it to confirm it in the next field.
  • Provide your phone number in the last field on this page.
  • Click on white “Submit” button at the end of this page; that will get you to a page that will demand some questions to be answered. Answer them and submit them to the company in the end.

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