Access Illinois Tollway To Pay Tolls Online

Illinois Tollway is helping all drivers to make online payment to their missed tolls. It allow you to check your traffic ticket fines, login to I-PASS account, Toll information, violations and customer service. They understand that mistakes happens sometimes. Driver may miss their tolls to pay cash so they can use I-PASS account to make online payments to avoid any violation.

How To Pay Tolls Online At Illinois Tollway?

  • Access this link to make online payments.
  • As you will approach to this page, see the title “Unpaid Tolls” at the bottom.
  • Click on the link “Pay tolls Online” and on the page read the instructions if you can’t pay tolls online.
  • You can see two buttons in the bottom “Not sure with toll you missed” click on this button if you don’t know about the missing toll.
  • Choose your trip route plan via trip calculator.
  • Choose your entry point, exit point, vehicle type, payment type and time.
  • Next you can see the toll that you have missed.
  • If you know which toll you missed then click on the respective button.
  • Enter your license plate state, license plate type and vehicle type.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Next login to your I-PASS account to make online payments with your credit card.

Why You Can’t Pay Your Toll Online:

You are not eligible if you will not fulfill these criteria

  • Your Unpaid Toll followed more than seven days.
  • You can only pay online if you are an I-PASS customer and you are driving the vehicle with your registered I-PASS account.
  • If you unpaid toll occurred on another toll fee paying service.
  • If you are fined by traffic police
  • If you are not a citizen of United State.

About Illinois Tollway:

Illinois state toll highway authority is authentic agency by State of Illinois. This service was established in 1958 in Chicago. It is aimed to provide safe and secure efficient system of highway to provide convenient service to all drivers.

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