Join IKEA USA Family Loyalty Program

IKEA is an American company that designs and sells the furniture items to the customers based in many countries of the world that include: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania. The company was founded in the year 1943, 74 years ago, in the Älmhult, Sweden.

Its headquarter is now based in the Delft, Netherlands, from where it is operating a total of 392 locations in these countries as per the report of the year 2016.

Guideline To Join IKEA USA Family Loyalty Program:

You can join the family as a group of the company and can get subscribed to it as well, which will get you some rewards offers as well as many other discount and promotional services, here is how to join the family:

  • Connect your computer with an internet connection that should run at a constant speed.
  • Open your web browser to visit the official website of the company; this is the direct link to the website:
  • Type in your email address now in the only field on the page now.
  • Click on the orange “Join Now” button at the end of this field.
  • Now, confirm the email address on the next page.
  • Type in the first name and the second name now in the next two fields.
  • Type in the complete address in the field below it.
  • Select the date of birth on the calendar now in the next field.
  • Select your country in the field next to it as well.
  • Now, select the language in the field below it.
  • Type in the zip code of your residence now in the last field on the page now.
  • Click the orange “Next” button at the end of the page; this will get you to the next page where you will have to provide all the other demanded info. Submit this info at the end and get added to the family of the company.

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