Access IDAHO Power To Start Service At Your Business

IDAHO Power is an American state government’s electrical power utility that purchase, generates, transmits, sale, and distributes electricity. It has been established on October 1, 1989, and previously on May 6, 1915. The company headquarter is in Boise, Idaho, United States, previously Maine. It has a total of 2,028 full-time employees as of the 2007 report.

How You Can Access IDAHO Power To Start Service At Your Business

  • Make a quick move to the official website of the company, first of all, the link to it you can search the internet.
  • To save the time in the process, here is this link:
  • You can use it to reach the website and then click on the blue “Start, Stop, Transfer” button.
  • Under the business service tag, click on the black “Start Service at Your Business” link.
  • In the business information section:
    • Enter the business name in the first blank field.
    • Enter your designation or the status in that business in the field next to it now.
    • Choose the type of ownership in the next field now.
    • Enter your Tax ID Number and then the type of Business or SIC Code as well.
    • Provide both the “Primary Phone Number” and then the “Secondary Phone Number” as well.
    • Enter your email address in the field next to it now.
  • In the Owner Information section:
    • Enter the first, middle and the last name.
    • Enter the SSN, or the Driver’s License Number, choose the Driver’s License State.
    • Provide Primary Phone Number, and the Secondary Phone Number and the email address.
  • In Billing Contact Information:
    • Enter Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, and then the contact email as well.
  • Provide your complete service address in the field next to it now.
  • Choose if the above address is the same as mailing.
  • Write any other thing you want to tell.
  • Enter the ordered by, job title and then the start service date.

Click on the “Submit Form” button and get it submitted.

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