Manage Your Home Depot Credit Card Account

Home Depot credit card aims at providing financial assistance to its valued customers by offering a number of perks. It makes the significant difference when you do purchase it. By using this card there will be no interest to be paid during six months of usage for making the purchase of $299 or even more. Likewise, there will be no interest in purchasing building material of worth $5000 during one-year card usage. Home Depot card comes with no annual payment, no APR, no cash advance payment for twenty-five days after the closing of a billing cycle.  For getting all of these card benefits you need to enroll first by following the given procedure.

Instructions To Manage Your Home Depot Credit Card Account:

  • Navigate to the website by entering the link in a web browser.
  • Afterwards, as the website opens, proceed onward by clicking the icon named as “Sign up”.
  • Follow the onscreen guides and enter the necessary details such as name, email id, home address, APT number, state, city, contact number and zip code in given fields.
  • Enter the annual salary, residential status, annual salary from other sources, monthly rent and mortgage in specified fields.
  • Mention your DOB, driving license, SSN in given fields.
  • Select the option if you need paperless statement. Click the checkbox your show your covenant with the terms and conditions of the enrollment.
  • In the last step click on the sign of “Sign Up” to finish the procedure of credit card’s enrollment.

Benefits Of Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot card allows the customers to pay the online bill, view the recent statements and request for the paperless billing. These benefits are associated with home depot consumer, revolving and commercial credit cards. If you need any sort of information or assistance in enrollment of Home Depot card you can contact the customer representative at 8668-755-488 or you can send the query to the mailing address of home depot.

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