Create A Giant Eagle eAdvantage Account

Giant Eagle is a United States based supermarket chain that is running stores in the U.S. states of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Maryland. It was established on March 17, 1933, and is headquartered in the O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, United States. The company in total is running 229 stores in a chain in the states mentioned above.

How You Can Create A Giant Eagle eAdvantage Account:

  • Initially, there is an open link that can be searched online over the internet that you can use to get to the official website of the company. From this link, go to the eAdvantage page.
  • You can go directly to this page by clicking this link:
  • Wait until the page is fully loaded and then scroll down to click on the blue “Log in or Create an account” button.
  • To login:
    • Enter the email address in the first blank box in this field now.
    • Type your password in the field below it.
    • Check the remember me box after that and then click on the blue “Sign in” button; you will be exposed to your account services.
  • To Create an Account:
    • Click on the blue “Create an Account” link below the form.
    • In the Personal Info section:
      • Enter the first name in the first blank field on this form.
      • Type the last name in the next one.
      • Select your birthday after that now.
      • Enter the street address after that, provide the city and then the state as well.
      • Enter the zip code now.
      • Provide the home phone number now.
    • In the Account Details section:
      • Enter the email address after that.
      • Provide the password in the field after that.
      • Type the password again to confirm it in the last field.
      • Check the box below to provide captcha.

Click on the green “Create Account” button to become a member and get the services.

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