Access Gap To Return Or Exchange Gift Or Item

GAP or GAP Inc. is known officially by the name of The GAP Inc. is famous in providing the world with clothing services as a retailer of the modern fashionable clothing. It is a brand from America that was formed by the two Fisher family members Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher back in 1969.The company’s headquarter based in San Francisco, California.

The company deals in its five sub-divisional brands with the names of Athleta, Old Navy, Intermix, namesake banner and the Banana Republic. The company has its website too to do the business and to give the facility of shopping online for the people.

What, If You Have Purchased The Wrong Gift Or Item?

If you feel that you have not purchased the right gift option, then you have the option to return or exchange it within the 45 days of purchase. You can also visit their “Return Policies” page to read more about it.

How To Access Gap To Return Or Exchange Gift Or Item:

If you want to return or exchange a GAP gift card, then follow the below instructions:

  • Go to this link:
  • If you wish to return the gifts by mail, then follow the link that you see on the page such as “To return items by mail.
  • To exchange the gifts by mail, there is a “To exchange items by mail” link located just under the above link. Use that.
  • To return or exchange the gifts in stores, the third link should be clicked that is named as “To return or exchange items in a store”.
  • When you click each option, then the whole process will be shown that you can follow to exchange or return your purchased gifts.

Enjoy the latest fashion from the GAP by sitting at your home and exchange or return something that you don’t need.

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