Get Started With The Gap Card Online Application

There are numbers of cards which are offered by the Gap and you are required to apply for the GapCard by going to the online web portal. All the cardholders will be able to apply for the GapCard to enjoy the exclusive offers.  There are four steps to apply for the card online. After applying for the card then you will be able to earn points on your purchases. You will be able to save twenty percent and get free shipping after opening your card in the first purchase.  You need to follow the steps to start the online application process.

What Are The Set Of Guides To Apply For The GapCard Online?

  1. In order to start the procedure, you are supposed to go to the given link of the website.
  2. When you access the page then you will be requested to click on the option of “Apply now”.
  3. As the new page of the website opens then will need to give the necessary details into the respective blanks.
  4. You are required to add the complete name in the given boxes.
  5. After that, you are supposed to enter the address, zip code, city and state name.
  6. You have to add the phone number and give one alternative phone number.
  7. In the next step, you will need to give the email address and type it again for confirmation.
  8. You will be asked to add the SSN, date of birth and annual income.
  9. Click on the tab of “Continue” to agree to the terms and conditions and go to the other steps of the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Having GapCard?

  1. You will e able to extra ten percent off each day when you go for shopping at Gap stores.
  2. You can get discount on special events and you can also obtain a gift for your birthday.
  3. You are not required to provide the receipt to returns the product.
  4. You can earn five dollar reward for every five hundred points which you earn.

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