Access Flagstar Bank To Get Financial Services

Flagstar is a stock savings bank that is federally chartered. Flagstar is known to be settled up in the Midwest United States and is the largest saving bank that is publicly traded Flagstar is also tagged with honor to be the America’s largest wholesale mortgage business and mortgage lender as well.

The bank was named as the First Security Savings bank when it got chartered back in the year 1987. The two bank charters, Security Savings Bank, and the first security savings bank, get merged in the year 1996 and renamed as the Flagstar.

Services Offered By The Flagstar

Flagstar provides many kinds of services from their website. Some of their services are:

  • Banking services include savings, checking, Money Market Account, Online Banking, can also view rates.
  • Loans program offers loans for buying homes, refinancing, you can get mortgage calculators, home equity solutions personal loan and credit card services as well.
  • Invest and Plan services offer you the Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Financial planning library, Health Savings Accounts, etc.
  • Apart from these services, you can also get the ATM or a branch locator services from and can apply for the stolen or a lost card too.

How To Create An Account At Flagstar

  • Get your computer connected to a reliable and fast speed internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and go to this link:
  • Click on to the Sign Up link now, and then click on the Sign Up for personal banking link.
  • Firstly, provide the Social Security Number and then your date of birth.
  • Then type in your mother’s maiden name, username and password.
  • Confirm the password, type in the email address and then retype it to confirm it.

Provide all the other information that is demanded, check the box at the end and clicking on to the register for online banking button will get your request submitted. After the verification, you will be allowed to use the services of the company.

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