Join Firestone Complete Auto Care Survey

Firestone is a Japanese Tire and rubber manufacturing company. The company was founded by the Harvey Samuel Firestone back in the year 1900. The company is known to be providing the pneumatic tires for the buggies and wagons and also some other parts of the wheeled transportation as well.

Soon after that, it was also able to provide the tires for the automobiles. The company holds the tag of being a pioneer in the mass production of the tires. Harvey Firestone is a friend of Henry Ford as well; that makes it even more important as it initially produces tires for the Ford motors.

Services Offered By The Firestone:

It provides many brands of the tires for almost every kind of the vehicles that are reliable and are made up of the best synthetic rubber that makes it extremely well in the quality and thus they are long-lasting as well. Some of the services are mentioned right here:

  • Blizzak, Ecopia, Turanza, Destination, Driveguard, are some of the brands of the tires, which are manufactured.
  • Brakes, Drivetrain, alignment, tire repair services, etc. are also available.
  • Apart from this, the company provides many another service as well.

How To Join Firestone Complete Auto Care Survey:

You will have to connect your computer with a stable and a very reliable internet connection in the very first place.

  • Your connection should be running with the fast speed and must not be interrupting.
  • Open the web browser that better suits with your internet connection speed.
  • Go to this link now:
  • Now, type in the 12-digit code you have got, including the dash as well.
  • Now click the red “Begin Survey” button.

As soon as you click the button, you will be lead to a series of questions, and you will have to give the answers to them from the available list of options, this process at the end will be taken and appreciated as a feedback for the company.

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