Apply For A Fingerhut Credit Account

Fingerhut is a mail order company that was founded back in 1948. It is a catalog/online retailer that was founded by two brothers named as Manny and William Fingerhut. At that time, they started to sale the seat covers of the automobiles. Now, the company is dealing with a broad range of products and services such as electronics items, furniture and décor, and home improvement products, etc. They are now also selling all of their products online, for the convenience of their customers.

Fingerhut also offers their loyal customer an opportunity to register with them online from where the customer can take many additional advantages such as discount online shopping, etc. If you use to buy at the Fingerhut, then you can also apply for the Fingerhut credit account tight today.

Process To Apply For A Fingerhut Credit Account

Here is how one can apply for the Fingerhut Credit Account:

  • Click:
  • Now click on “Apply now” button.
  • Select one option from “Did you receive a card offer in your catalog?”
  • Provide your address and contact information.
  • Provide personal identification details.
  • Enter your catalog number in the catalog special offer field.
  • Set up your new Fingerhut account by providing your email and desired password.
  • Choose whether or not you want to receive the electronic statement.
  • Read the terms and conditions, and then click the “Submit Application” button to finish the credit application.
  • You will soon get a confirmation email at your provided email address.
  • Follow the instructions given in your email address to activate your account.

So, it was a very simple and also not a time taking process to apply for the Fingerhut credit account. If you face any difficulty or issue during the registration process that we have discussed right here, then you can also talk to their support team either by phone or at their given email address.

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