Access EZ Pass Account To Pay Your Bill Online

The Maryland Transport Authority is the Transport management services and the authority in the State that controls all the traffic as well as the transport related services in all over the state. The headquarter of the authority is based in the 2310 Broening Highway, Baltimore, Maryland 21224.

The authority has been working with over 1,700 employees and have been working hard to ensure the transport activities being managed properly in the State. The authority has been working under the supervision of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

How To Access EZ Pass Account To Pay Your Bill Online:

  • Access the Official website of the authority to sign up for the pass.
  • To do so, you can also visit this link directly:
  • Click on the blue “Sign Up” under the Sign Up now tag under the image on the homepage of the website.
  • Now, at the end of the page, click the white “Agree” button if you agree to the terms of the company.
  • Type in the First name, Last name, and the Address in the first few fields of the form noon this page.
  • Provide the city, state, country and the zip code as well in the next fields.
  • Provide your Username, and then the daytime and the evening phone number both.
  • Cell phone number and the Fax is also needed to be provided.
  • Type in the Driver’s License number now.
  • Provide the Expiration Date of the license as well in the next field now.
  • Select the State and the Country as well now moving forward.
  • In the end, type in, how did you hear about the Pass.
  • Click the white “Continue” button at the end of the page and provide all the demanded information in the forms on the next few pages. In the end, submit that info to get yourself signed up for the E-ZPAss.

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