Register For EPPI Card To Manage Your Account Online

The EPPI Card online services is providing various offers to get a secure way to access your payments. You can get information of your card along with your account balance and history you transactions. By managing your EPPI Card you can get a fast a secure method to retrieve your information of card rather than using ATM Machine to ask for balance inquiry and printed receipts. EPPI Card is also highly committed to protect privacy of your account by resetting password online.

Guideline To Manage Your EPPI Card Online:

  • First of all you have to turn on a personal computer and open internet browser to visit website of EPPI Card to manage your account.
  • In order to access website you need to visit this link
  • In next step you need to select state which is issued for your card from drop down menu located on left side of web page or click the icon which looks like card, you can also perform this operation through map of site.
  • After that you have to select type of card from given options as directed. When you get into next web page you need to click on link which is marked as “New User”
  • You need to provide information as required to fill the registration form, once you have completed the registration form hit a click on submit and you will successfully get a new account with your own User ID and Password.
  • Enter this User ID and password in marked fields to log in to your account and manage your EPPI Card by accessing its all services online.

About EPPI Card:

EPPI Cards are issued for those people who are receiving unemployment compensation, child assistance program or part of any welfare program which is issued by state government. This card is just like a debit card which is allowing their card holders to get access to their money anytime, buy products and even withdraw money from ATM

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