Register To Employ Georgia Account And Search For A Job

Employ Georgia is an employment providing agency in the Georgia. It has been helping the unemployed for a long time now having them giving the opportunity to use their talents as well as the courage to something for themselves and their families as well.

You can create as well as upload up to 5 resumes on the website. You will get the automatic job openings that matches to your resumes as well. Aside from this, there are a very decent number of other services as well.

How You Can Register To Employ Georgia Account And Search For A Job:

  • When starting this process, the first thing you have to do is to go to the official website of the company.
  • Go to its login portal after that now, or, single click on this link and get the direct access to the portal:
  • You will see a short window on this page on which you have to login first:
    • Enter the username in the first blank field on the form now.
    • Type your password as well now in the field that lies below it.
      • If the password is lost, you will have to recover it by clicking on the black “Forgot your password” link.
      • Enter the username in the first blank field now.
      • Or, you have the option of getting it back using the email address as well, enter it in the second field.
      • Click on the orange “submit” button. Get it back, put it in.
    • Click on the orange “Sign in” button now and get logged in into the account.
    • If you don’t have the account:
      • Click on the black “Register for an account” link.
      • Enter the email address in the first field and then re-enter it in the field next to it.
      • Type your password now and then retype it in the field below it.
      • Provide the Social Security Number now in the next blank field now.
      • Re-enter the SSN.
      • Select a security question now and then give its answer as well.

Click on the orange “Next” button and do the further process. Submit it and get registered to find a job.

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