Check ebtEDGE Child Care Provider Transaction

The ebtEDGE Account provides a number of services such as you can check deposits, access documentation, view transactions and many other online services. In order to get the services of the childcare providers, you have to log in your account online by accessing the website of ebtEDGE. You have to type the user id and password into the specified sections. You have to change the password and user id after some time. Your account password expires after forty-five days and user id expires after three months if it is inactive.  Go through the given set of instructions to Login your ebtEDGE child care provider account.

Full Set Of Instructions To check ebtEDGE Child Care Provider Transaction:

  • You have to add the given link of the website into the navigation bar.
  • As you reach the home page then you will get the number of online services and you have to go to the “Child care providers” and then click on the “More information” link.
  • When the new page opens then you have to log in your child care provider account by giving the user id into the first given box.
  • In the next section of the form, you will be asked to type the account password.
  • As you give the information of your account then click on the tab which is cited as “Login” and get the online services available on the child care provider website.
  • After login, you have to go to the screen instructions and then view your transactions online and check other details.

How To Get The Account Password If I Don’t Remember It?

If you forget the password of your account then you need to click on the option of “Did you forget your password?” On the new page, you have to add the user id of your account and then verify yourself by typing the text which is shown in the image. If you are unable to understand the text then you can reload it again and then click on the “Next” tab and get your password via your email in few seconds.


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